Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance

Hollywood Stone provides complete stone and paver repair and maintenance for both residential and commercial projects.  Repairs include:

  • paver replacement
  • cleaning
  • sealing
  • sloping/leveling
  • restoration

Pavers are one of the most important aspects of the curb appeal of your property. They add beauty and are functional. Driveways, walkways, and patios are exposed to the elements and a lot of foot traffic. Although pavers are designed and installed to be resilient, they will get damaged over time. Even strong materials like concrete pavers and stone need care and repair periodically.

We have experience with paver repair and maintenance since we opened in 1946. Our masons are experts and will have your pavers looking like new. We take just as much care in paver restoration as we do in paver installation.


We will inspect the hardscape, and not just the visibly damaged areas. A thorough inspection would mean less expense and trouble down the line.

Repair Plans

We will then present a repair plan which will include the damaged areas as well as the areas that look weak and might crack or become damaged later on. You may choose to ignore these areas but it will not be reccommended.

Quote and Budget

Regardless of whether the pavers are cracked and need replacement or if they are sinking and uneven, we have affordable repair plans for all our clients.


Re-Sanding - Usually, after the pavers are installed, sand is filled into the joints and gaps to keep them in place. Over time, this sand erodes and can cause the blocks to shift or become loose. We re-sand your pavement to fill these gaps once again.

When you plan to repair or restore your pavements, it pays to hire good paving contractors. If the repair work isn’t done properly, it can damage the surrounding pavers and lead to more expenses down the line.

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